Welcome To Perfectly Engraved Blog!


Hello! Great To See You Here At Perfectly Engraved's First Blog Post!


Hi! This is Perfectly Engraved's first blog post where I hope to keep you up to date on everything that is happening at the company. We are in fact a small close knit company based in the United Kingdom offering hand engraved products using our in house craftsman tools. We value our customers like part of the family and would love to hear your thoughts and insights! Always feel free to contact me on the blog to tell me your stories, suggestions or critique - you never know, your items or photos may make a guest star appearance here!


Currently working at Perfectly Engraved, I decided that creating a blog would not only help our previous customers decide on their next purchase and how to care for their current ones too, but it would also be a great advantage to anyone who is just looking for information without all of the adverts and useless jargon you just don’t want to read.


As you will soon be able to see from the upcoming posts I also create my own infographics, diagrams and images (but happy to link out to other peoples work too and always provide credit!). If you would be interested in having an infographic on your site or blog but are unsure of how to go about getting one, I would be happy to help develop your own personalised piece. I would also be honoured to write a featured guest post on anyone else’s blog too – just get in touch with me!


Thank you again for taking the time to read my first post, I really look forward to sharing my knowledge and hope that you will find the information helpful enough to share with others!